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TuneIn Radio for Windows
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1. Download Windows Media Center.
2. Install the TuneIn Radio plugin.

TuneIn for Media Center Edition

You'll love TuneIn for Media Center Edition ...

  • Get an instant list of your local stations.

  • Access live sporting events and DJs

  • Discover radio from all over the world.

Report a problem


If you're reporting a problem, please provide relevant details such as what version of Windows you're using as well as the problem station or show. The more information you provide, the faster we can resolve your issue:
QWhy isn't my station available?
AYour station may not be available for the following reasons:
  • An online stream may not be available.
  • It may not be compatible with MP3 or Windows Media.
  • It's a Clear Channel station, which is only available with iHeart Radio.
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QWhy isn't my station working?
AIt could be one of the following reasons:
  1. The stream may be unreliable or disabled. Use Search to find a similar station.
  2. The station is experiencing high volume and isn't currently responding.
  3. The station requires a player not available on your product.
  4. The network could be down. In this case, try it again.
  5. Because of licensing restrictions, stations may not broadcast certain shows or sporting events over the internet. When this happens they might stream silence or a different show altogether.
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QCan I change my RadioTime username?
AUnfortunately, no. Back to Top
QWhy won't Windows Media Edition remember my login information?
ACheck to make sure your set up allows cookies and that you don't have anti-adware/spam/virus software that may be removing the cookies. If you're using an extender, see if the login works locally. Extenders run under a hidden account on the system with a random password. Back to Top
QHow do I find RadioTime on Windows Media Center?
AFollow these steps to install RadioTime.
  1. Download the plug-in.
  2. Open Media Center.
  3. Go to "More programs." There you can use RadioTime, or move to the main Music "strip" menu.
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QWhy isn't anything playing?
AMake sure that Windows Media Center is configured to connect to the Internet in the settings module. If you can't stream stations from your browser, you may need to reinstall Windows Media Player. Back to Top
QHow can I get to my Presets?
ATo use presets, you must create a free account on radiotime.com. You can access favorites in Windows Media Center by entering the username from the membership login. Or change accounts by selecting "Change user" after a previous login.

To add new presets, enter the password. Once you enter your password, select "Add to Favorites" to save from Media Center Edition. You can also add and organize these same Presets on the RadioTime website. Back to Top
QCan I use an FM tuner?
AYes. You can use a TV/FM tuner card to access local stations through TuneIn for Windows Media Center. Here are some notes regarding using a tuner.

Tuning in: Beware that it can take a little time to tune because the tuner needs to connect to a streaming broadcast hosted by the station. Technical factors, like speed of the stream, distance from source and number of listeners at one time, can affect the connectivity and quality of online listening. RadioTime automatically picks the best option.

Presets: Note that Presets accessed through Windows Medica Center will only work for Internet streaming stations. So you won't be able to access local FM stations using Presets. FM tuners only work under the Local Radio section.

Static: If you hear static, make sure that you're tuned to an actual radio frequency used in your area. Some tuners default to a frequency without checking for reception. Using a hardware tuner does not ensure the best reception. Adjust the FM antenna or contact the tuner manufacturer for tips to get the best reception. If you prefer not to use the FM tuner, adjust your computer settings to disable the tuner.

Listen fails: Sometimes a radio station unexpectedly stops broadcasting online after you select "Listen." This can be temporary due to technical difficulties or permanent due to a change in the web address for the stream. Please note it can take up to 45 seconds to connect and start playing. If it still doesn't play, please report the issue by selecting the "Tell us to fix it" button for the station or program. We will investigate the problem.

Listen button: Only radio shows that are either live now or provide an on demand show archive have a listen button. Select "Info" for the next available time to listen. If your favorite show is on at a bad time, try RedButton to record your shows like a DVR or TiVO. This lets you play it back anytime you want. You can find the saved recordings under Music, Genre, Radio. Back to Top
QI can't stream Bloomberg radio or another station.
ABloomberg and some stations don't offer a compatible stream. You can try doing a search to find out why. Back to Top
QPlease add my favorite station.
ARadioTime tells you which stations have a stream. We can't create a new stream. If the station doesn't have a stream, use "Visit station website" to contact them and request a stream, or do these steps:
  1. Search for station.
  2. Click "Tell us to fix it."
  3. Provide details about the station.
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QMy question wasn't answered here. What can I do?
AYour question may already have an answer. If you can't find the answer, please contact us using the online form to ensure we reply quickly. Back to Top
QHow do I contact RadioTime?
APlease contact us using the online form to ensure we reply quickly. Back to Top