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Report a problem


If you're reporting a problem, please provide relevant details as well as the problem station or show. The more information you can provide us with will help us as we work to resolve your issue:
QWhy isn't my station available?
AYour station may not be available for the following reasons:
  • An online stream may not be available.
  • It may not be compatible with MP3 or Windows Media.
  • It's a Clear Channel station, which is only available with iHeart Radio.
Use our search widget on this page to find out why. If restricted by the broadcaster, you can contact the broadcaster to find out why. Get the contact information by searching RadioTime for the station. Back to Top
QWhy isn't my station working?
AIt could be one of the following reasons:
  • The stream may be unreliable or disabled. Use Search to find a similar station.
  • The station is experiencing high volume and isn't currently responding.
  • The station requires a player not available on your product.
  • The network could be down. In this case, try it again.
  • Because of licensing restrictions, stations may not broadcast certain shows or sporting events over the internet. When this happens they might stream silence or a different show altogether.
You can also report problems by clicking "Tell us to fix it" from the station's or show's page. Back to Top
QCan I change my RadioTime username?
AUnfortunately, no. Back to Top
QI'm a broadcaster, what type of stream do I need to be available on Yahoo TV?
AUpdate your station on radiotime.com using an MP3 or AAC stream. Find your station on radiotime.com, click "Tell us to fix it" and provide the stream along with any other changes. Back to Top
QWhy don't some of RadioTime Presets work on Yahoo TV?
ANot all stations are compatible with Yahoo TV. Try the search widget to find out why. Back to Top
QWhy isn't my station working?
AThere could be different reasons and this is where the "Problem Report" wizard can help. To access the wizard, follow these steps:
  1. Select a station, if not already selected.
  2. Select the "Report a Problem" menu option.
  3. Follow the steps in the wizard.
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QHow do I get Presets from RadioTime?
AYou can associate Yahoo TV with RadioTime under Settings, either enter an account name created on RadioTime.com or get a code and enter it on radiotime.com/mydevice.

Once you connect the two, Presets you change on Yahoo TV will update your RadioTime account and vice versa. Back to Top
QI can't stream Bloomberg radio or another station.
ABloomberg and some stations don't offer a compatible stream. You can try doing a search to find out why. Back to Top
QPlease add my favorite station.
ARadioTime tells you which stations have a stream. We can't create a new stream. If the station doesn't have a stream, use "Visit station website" to contact them and request a stream, or do these steps:
  1. Search for station.
  2. Click "Tell us to fix it."
  3. Provide details about the station.
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QMy question wasn't answered here. What can I do?
AIf you can't find the answer, please contact us using the online form to ensure we reply quickly. Back to Top
QHow do I contact RadioTime?
APlease contact us using the online form to ensure we reply quickly. Back to Top